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Through our wanderings we discover the real Sifnos

Sifnos, apart from its bright sky and surrounding deep blue waters , boasts an inexhaustible network of beautiful ancient hiking trails

that allow you to explore the unique nature of the island, its picturesque villages, ancient acropolis, churches & monasteries, traditional island life and solitary golden beaches… 100km of well-marked and cleared hiking trails for those who wish to: explore the island away from the crowd, discover the history and myths of Sifnos, discover secret corners of great architectural value or simply wander observing the unique herbs & flora of the Cyclades as well endemic species that find refuge at its Natura 2000 areas and enjoying the dramatic landscapes and ultimate deep blue of the Αegean sea! Walking is the perfect way for you to explore the island of Sifnos... to discover its beautiful secret corners... to experience the island with all your senses. Walking exercises the body, mind and soul...