Through our wanderings we discover the real Sifnos

Its architecture and smells. Its history and legends. Its culture and traditions. Its landscapes and nature. Its traditional villages and stunning bays... its turquoise crystal clear waters. We created these hikes for travellers who love exploring, love nature and wish to experience the 'real' Sifnos! We wish to share with you the beauty and culture of our island in a pleasant and unforgettable way. Our guide Anna has walked all over the island, in the winter and summer, for the last 25 years. She's a columnist for the paths of the island in the magazine You are here. Her favourite saying is: "Sifnos is its walking paths, and its walking paths are Sifnos!"


Anna Graikou

I was born in Soho, in Thessaloniki, where I stayed till I was 18. In my free time I used to hike the surrounding mountains. I moved to the city in order to pursue my studies of baby nursery. Escaping the city and getting in touch with nature was my first objective after graduating. That's when I discovered the island of Sifnos! The second time I visited the island 18 years ago I decided to stay. It became my home, my island. I started working as a chef and in order to gather and explore the islands herbs and spices I started wandering around the island's ancient paths and mountains. So I came to know the "real" Sifnos. Sifnos with its innumerable trails and kilometers of rubble walls, olive groves, mastic, cedar trees and the protected Natura 2000 areas which are rich in flora and fauna. I walk daily paved and unpaved paths that lead to hundreds of chapels, ancient towers and mountain peaks with breathtaking views! The last few years I've been writing articles for the magazine You are here regarding the paths of my Sifnos. My dream is to guide and introduce visitors of the island to the "real" Sifnos... to its natural beauty and the people who have kept me here for the last 25 years...

Max Reubel

My passion for hiking, or rather leaving an environment that has been greatly altered by humans and immersing myself in a world older than us, developed from the feeling of being so close to the mountains and yet so far away. My family comes from the Berchtesgadener Land in the Bavarian Alps. Both my parents grew up there, who were strongly influenced by mountain life. However, due to my father's work, they moved to Lower Bavaria, which is far away from the Alps and where I ended up growing up. So, my access to the mountains was limited to the holidays. At that time, however, I experienced the most beautiful childhood moments. My grandfather and my father, both foresters, showed me all kinds of animals and plants in the mountains and at the age of five I was already standing on my first big mountain peak. Whenever the holidays were over, I was overcome by a great longing. My parents' work and school denied me access to my alpine oases. My mlonging, however, was even greater. In addition to my fascination for the mountains, there was a deep desire to see the sea. I could spend my holidays in the mountains, but we never went to the sea. When I was finally old enough, I developed an idea of independence and freedom, which primarily meant a free choice of location and the possibility of discovering places. I got to know the diversity of many European countries and explored lonely beaches and deserted peaks on foot, away from tourism.

To Sifnos love brought me; not only the love for the sea, the nature of the Cyclades and the unique flora and fauna of the island, but the love for my partner, with whom I share the same feeling and the deep desire since early childhood to be close to the place of inner imprint. She only grew up in Sifnos during the holidays and yet her home is here. Together we have therefore built a life that makes our dream of spending a large part of our time on Sifnos possible. As a freelance artist and musician, I have been looking for the inspiration of silence for several years now, especially in the noisy month of August. At abandoned bays and perspective-changing peaks, images and melodies grow in me. I never see a place twice with the same eyes. There is still a lot to discover and yet certain places in Sifnos give me the strongest feeling of home. I would like to share the magic of these places with like-minded people.